Book posts that keep coming back to haunt you

Have you ever been in a bookish conversation that you already had so many times that you just wanna say : not again! ? Well I did and
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The Psychology of Good Ideas

During one of my aimless “googling” sessions (I am pretty sure the word does not really exist but I suspect everybody will understand) I found an article on the psychology of good ideas (I just typed The psychology of” and got a myriad of responses on different themes going from the psychology of power to psychology of Tetris…). Intrigued, I read it and, even though I lack a lot of psychology background (but I’m getting treated), I found interesting the definition of “good ideas” in psychology according to the authors.

“Good ideas in psychology usually have an oddly familiar quality, and the moment we encounter them we feel certain that we once came close to thinking the same thing ourselves and simply failed to write it down.”

“We have this experience because in most cases it is true. Good ideas in psychology use concepts that we have thought about many times to solve problems we have thought about many times.”

It was an interesting article with helpful explanations and examples and helped me feel better with myself and less uninspired at some “Why didn’t think at that?!” moments!