Daniel Pennac’s Reader’s Bill of Rights

I am currently reading the Pennac’s book The Rights of the Reader” (the original french book “Comme un roman”) and on the back are the Reader’s Bill of Rights.

1. The right to not read
2. The right to skip pages
3. The right to not finish a book
4. The right to reread
5. The right to read anything
6. The right to mistake a book for real life
7. The right to read anywhere
8. The right to browse
9. The right to read out loud
10. The right to be quiet (not to say a word)

I also found a funny, witty link with cartoons for each of the rules above(they are hilarious):


Do you agree with them? What rules would you add to this list?


Julian Barnes: The Sense of an Ending

…when you are young, you think you can predict the likely pains and bleaknesses that age might bring, you imagine yourself being lonely, divorced, widowed; children growing away from you, friends dying. You imagine the loss of status, the loss of desire -and desirability. You may go further and consider your own approaching death, which, despite what company you may muster, can only be faced alone. But all this is looking ahead. What you fail yo do is look ahead, and the imagine yourself looking back from the future point. Learning the new emotions that time brings. Discovering, for example, that as the witnesses to your life diminish, there is less corroboration, and therefore less certainty, as to what you are or have been. Even if you have assiduously kept records – in words, sound, pictures – you may find that you have attended to the wrong kind of record-keeping.