Dostoyevsky’s White Nights

For you, my dear reader:

May your sky always be clear, may your dear smile always be bright and happy, and may you be for ever blessed for that moment of bliss and happiness which you gave to another lonely and grateful heart. Isn’t such a moment sufficient for the whole of one’s life?


Is God happy? By Leszek Kolakowski

“Happiness is something we can imagine but not experience”

I have read the article because I found the title daring and tempting at the same time. I never thought of asking myself: is God happy ? I always asked : are you, am I ,how can I – be happy (am still) but I never even came close to asking such a question. I wouldn’t dare…

It is the title of an article by Leszek Kolakowski that you can read here. It is translated and published by his daughter Agnieszka Kolakowska and it’s a wonderful and powerful and concentrated piece of writting on happiness.

“Such a condition (happiness) can be imagined, but it has never been seen”