Romain Gary’s Gros-Câlin (Big-Hug)




                  I must say, I always lacked arms. Two arms, mine, it’s empty. I need another two around me.


“Gros-Câlin” – “Big-Hug” is the first book published by Romain Gary under the pseudonym Emile Ajar.
It’s the story of a 37 year old statistician who adopts a python he names “Big-Hug” and decides to write a treatise on living with such an exotic and unusual animal in a Parisian flat.
What I liked: So many things…
First of all:  the surprise. I bought this book with no other recommendation that the name of the author. The fact that “Big-Hug” is actually python took me by surprise and hooked me instantly.
Second of all because the story is just a pretext. What the book is really about is solitude and the need of affection.
And last of all – but not the least- because it is that kind of book that re-reading will reveal it even more and bring to light depths that first reading kept hidden.
Bottom line: It’s a book that spoke to me and of me. So personal and touching at a level that very few books have been. If you ever felt a misfit and a loner in a world that is so big and moving too fast, you should read this book.



Cuvintele altora

Penita scartaie pe o foaie de hartie…afara ploua cu furie si naduf, punctuata din cand in cand de un tunet. Tu transcrii cuvinte pe care nu le poti ticlui dar care vorbesc atat de bine despre tine.
Un fulger te distrage si uiti o cratima. Parca nu esti singur, furtuna iti vorbeste. De cand nu te-ai mai plimbat prin ploaie? De cand nu te-ai mai simtit liber? Greu de spus…Probabil niciodata.
Dai foaia si termini cuvantul. Pui punct si apoi te razgandesti, mai adaugi doua…
Trei puncte in suspensie…asa te simti atunci cand iti permiti.
Te ridici greoi si iti torni un pahar cu apa. Il bei cu lacomie si revii. Cauti o alta carte pe care ai citit-o, cu alte paragrafe subliniate si cu alte puncte de suspensie.
De ce le transcrii? De ce le cauti? Cuvintele iti par o mostenire pe care o poti lasa, o explicatie pe care nu esti obligat sa o dai.
Scrii cuvintele altora pentru ca pe ale tale nu le-ai potrivit inca.
Te uiti pe geam la ploaia ce nu se hotaraste in furie si apatie si o intelegi. E asa de obositor sa fii mereu revoltat…
Iesi afara si respiri. Pentru o clipa, esti liber…Dar clipa trece, tu intrii in casa, te asezi si reincepi sa asterni pe foaie si in suflet cuvintele altcuiva.

Placeri simple – Those simple pleasures

“…the pleasures of food and drink, of lying naked in a hot bath, of scratching an itch, of sneezing and farting, of spending an extra hour in bed, of turning your face toward the sun on a mild afternoon in a late spring or early summer and feeling the warmth settle upon your skin.”

Excerpt from Paul Auster’s Winter Journal

Ce subiect mai bun intr-o zi ploioasa de vineri (sau insorita…daca sunteti norocosi) decat acele mici placeri ce nu ne costa decat putin timp si ne aduc placere in forma pura?
Mirosul de cafea dimineata, placerea de a te intinde (da…exact), un zambet ce vine din suflet, o floare de mac intre sinele de tren…

Care sunt placerile voastre simple?
Eu numai gandindu-ma la ele si am reusit sa zambesc asteptand urmatorul moment de gratie, scurt si extrem de placut.

§ For my English speaking readers

What a better subject on a rainy Friday (or not…if you are lucky) than those small pleasures that cost us only time (and not much) and bring us pure joy?
The smell of coffee in the morning, stretching with every fibre of your body in your (still) warm bed after a good night sleep, a genuine smile, a bright red flower between the train rails…

What are your simple pleasures?
Just thinking of those little moments made me smile and forget the rain and clouds that reign on this first day of summer.

Ces jours vides

Ces jours qui te semblent vides
Et perdus pour l’univers
Ont des racines avides
Qui travailles les déserts.
                            Paul Valéry – Palme

Stolen Childhoods

The eyes of all those children are so mature and sad…and we complain about so many small things all day and spend money researching which pill will allow us to eat more and not get fat or candy that will make our sweat smell nice….
Wonderful pictures…