Truth beats fiction? Realitatea bate fictiunea?

Can you handle good fiction?  @Common Creative Licence

Can you handle good fiction?
@Common Creative Licence

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” ~ Mark Twain 

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La révolution des crabes

Dacă înțelegeți franceza,  va recomand acest film animat: o alegorie asupra condiției umane:

La révolution des crabes

For those of you that know french (at least understand it) I recommend this short animated movie : an allegory on the human condition.

Ce alte filmulețe animate cu mesaj cunoașteți? Ce îmi recomandați? 

What other such movies have you seen and recommend?

Is God happy? By Leszek Kolakowski

“Happiness is something we can imagine but not experience”

I have read the article because I found the title daring and tempting at the same time. I never thought of asking myself: is God happy ? I always asked : are you, am I ,how can I – be happy (am still) but I never even came close to asking such a question. I wouldn’t dare…

It is the title of an article by Leszek Kolakowski that you can read here. It is translated and published by his daughter Agnieszka Kolakowska and it’s a wonderful and powerful and concentrated piece of writting on happiness.

“Such a condition (happiness) can be imagined, but it has never been seen”

The Psychology of Good Ideas

During one of my aimless “googling” sessions (I am pretty sure the word does not really exist but I suspect everybody will understand) I found an article on the psychology of good ideas (I just typed The psychology of” and got a myriad of responses on different themes going from the psychology of power to psychology of Tetris…). Intrigued, I read it and, even though I lack a lot of psychology background (but I’m getting treated), I found interesting the definition of “good ideas” in psychology according to the authors.

“Good ideas in psychology usually have an oddly familiar quality, and the moment we encounter them we feel certain that we once came close to thinking the same thing ourselves and simply failed to write it down.”

“We have this experience because in most cases it is true. Good ideas in psychology use concepts that we have thought about many times to solve problems we have thought about many times.”

It was an interesting article with helpful explanations and examples and helped me feel better with myself and less uninspired at some “Why didn’t think at that?!” moments!

Redemption Through Reading

In Brazil, there is an original and healthy (for the mind) initiative called Redemption through Reading: prisons inmates are allowed to reduce their sentences for reading books( 4 days per book read, with a maximum allowed of 48 days per year). There are rules, just saying having read the book it’s not enough: the book must be among 12 selected works and it must be read it in a month. And at the end, the inmate must write an essay on it.

I think its an commendable initiative and I would like this to be generalized. What do you think?