Romain Gary’s Gros-Câlin (Big-Hug)




                  I must say, I always lacked arms. Two arms, mine, it’s empty. I need another two around me.


“Gros-Câlin” – “Big-Hug” is the first book published by Romain Gary under the pseudonym Emile Ajar.
It’s the story of a 37 year old statistician who adopts a python he names “Big-Hug” and decides to write a treatise on living with such an exotic and unusual animal in a Parisian flat.
What I liked: So many things…
First of all:  the surprise. I bought this book with no other recommendation that the name of the author. The fact that “Big-Hug” is actually python took me by surprise and hooked me instantly.
Second of all because the story is just a pretext. What the book is really about is solitude and the need of affection.
And last of all – but not the least- because it is that kind of book that re-reading will reveal it even more and bring to light depths that first reading kept hidden.
Bottom line: It’s a book that spoke to me and of me. So personal and touching at a level that very few books have been. If you ever felt a misfit and a loner in a world that is so big and moving too fast, you should read this book.



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