Review: Carlos Ruiz Zafón – The angel’s game


“Every book has a soul, the soul of the person who wrote it and the soul of those who read it and dream about it.” 

Storyline: Part of the trilogy Zafón wrote around the “Cemetery of forgotten books”, this novel tells the story of a young writer who sells his soul for the fulfillment of all his “Great Expectations”.
Rough childhood, no bright future to wait for, just a few friends and an undeniable talent for writing, Martin signs a deal with an obscure and strange editor to write a book like no other.
It’s a story about fighting our inner demons and dark side. And, above all, about the fear of dying and love that cannot die.

What I liked: I enjoyed the writing, the way the story unfolded and kept me hooked.
And I loved the fact that Barcelona – la ciudad de los malditos – is a main character and not only a mere setting of the novel.

What I loved less: Too much death. But isn’t just like real life?

Bottom line: Loved it and will purchase the first book of the trilogy that I have yet to read. And I plan to buy it in Barcelona in May…My way of honouring the city which is a main character in Zafón’s books.


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