Micro-review: Olga Lossky – Requiem for a nail

Olga Lossky

Storyline : A crippled old man lives alone in a small room in a communal apartment in the communist Russia of the 50’s. The nail he founds one day in his shoe is the pretext for a requiem of his youth and his young self, barely out of adolescence.
The story alternates between the present with the challenges and adventures of his old days and the adolescent becoming a man.
What I liked : The novel is beautifully written, alternating perspectives in a chaotic and delicious manner. The paragraphs are small, as measures of the distinct, atomic moments that make up our lives. The voices of young and old Fiodor alternate in a sort of a dialogue that abolishes time.
Bottom line: It’s funny and serious, ironic and nonjudgmental. And I loved it!


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