Si TU, ce colectionezi? / What’s YOUR collection made of?

BooksStackToata lumea colectioneaza sau a colectionat vreodata ceva! Reviste, diverse ambalaje – unele pentru concursuri idioate -, ceasuri (in stare de functionare sau nu) ,celulare, tatuaje, piercinguri, medalii, bani – vechi sau noi -, boli, flori, programe, afise, scrisori, amintiri, infractiuni…

[…] Oamenii fac colectii pentru a-si acoperi goliciunea.

§For my English readers

Everyone collects or has collected something! Magazines, different packages – some for stupid contests – clocks (in working condition or not), cellulars, tattoos, piercings, medals, money – old or new – diseases, flowers, programs, posters, letters, memories crimes. ..

[…] People make collections to cover their nakedness.

Acest fragment face partea din cartea pe care o citesc in acest moment  “Capela excomunicatilor” scrisa de Adrian Buzdugan si m-am gandit: eu ce colectionez? Amintiri si carti 🙂

Si voi, ce colectionati? Care e piesa de rezistenta din colectia voastra?

§For my English readers

This excerpt (warning: translatation may not be the best) is part of a story I discovered in the book “The chapel of the excommunicates”  by Adrian Buzdugan (a Romanian writer that I don’t think was published elsewhere) that I a currently reading. So it got me thinking: what do I like collecting? Well…memories and books…

And you, what do you collect? What is the masterpiece of your collection?


3 thoughts on “Si TU, ce colectionezi? / What’s YOUR collection made of?

  1. Since I was a kid I used to collect miniatur toys, coins ans stamps, my mom was saying it was rubbish but I really think so far it is a peculiarity of the people, Now I collect patches from my trips and of course memories l would like to read that book,

    • I am just like you…Our little peculiarities make our charm, no? And what we collect define a little who we are…. I have all sorts of stuff from stones to plane tickets and am proud of my little personal collection 😉

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