Feel good books

I love reading books, they make me travel, escape this world, the routine and live other lives. But some of them just make me feel GOOD.

 Cathy Cassidy did a top of her top ten feel good books and I thought of sharing with you my own top feel good books. I will not go for a top ten but a top three of the books that I loved reading and left me with a smile on my face and a fuzzy, warm feeling in my heart (cheesy I know…)

 Le cercle des menteurs/Liers Circle by Jean Claude Carrière

It’s a collection of ancient folktales, from all parts of the world, treasures of wisdom and subjects of meditation …Wise, philosophical or ironic, they all are magical.




Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer

A very touching book that will make you smile. I thought of doing a review – would you be interested? Leave a comment if yes.





La suma de los días/The sum of our days by Isabelle Allende

This is an autobiographical book by one of my favorite authors. It is written as a letter to her late daughter Paula, putting her up to date with the life of the Allende tribe in her absence. It’s a touching, funny, colorful and human book…




What are your feel good books?


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